Best Quick Dry Nail Top Coat, Drops or Sprays

For most nail art lovers, the time wasted on drying polish coats can be extremely frustrating.  Moreover, there is no guarantee that once you’ve done the time, the nail design won’t be ruined by marks or smudges the second you pick up a chore or get into bed.

If you’re someone like me and you don’t have time to sit around for hours until your nails are dry, I suggest you start using some quick dry nail products in order to speed up the process, get perfect nails in a matter of minutes and prolong the life of your manicure.

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and because I’ve been on the hunt for the best quick dry nail products for years, I know which ranks top from quick dry nail top coats, to drops or quick dry sprays.

Quick Dry Nail Top Coat

Quick Dry Nail Top Coat

How Quick Dry Nail Products Work

Of course you’ve wondered what makes quick dry nail products work and how are they different from the cooking oil method some nail artists use to make nail polish dry faster.

Although most of them feel oily, the formula of quick dry nail top coats contains the same ingredients as regular nail polish, with added solvent. Because the solvent evaporates quickly, leaving just a shinny, protective top coat, these products reduce drying time and save you the trouble.

There are other quick dry products, such as sprays or drops that limit the drying time even more. These contain volatile silicones which evaporate fast, along with the polish solvent. The top film of the polish forms immediately and you’ll be left with a good hard set that won’t smudge under pressure.

Quick Dry Nail Top Coat

Quick Dry Nail Top Coat

Best Quick Dry Nail Top Coat

Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat

This top coat is one of the best if not the best on the market. Te main reason why most nail art lovers use Seche Vite is because you can apply it to still-wet polish and it will dry your entire nail in less than two minutes, even if you aply a thick coat.

This terrific top coat ads tons of shine to your polish and makes even the most ordinary polish look glossy and chic. Plus, it prevents chipping for almost a week. The only downside is that it gets goopy after a few months and it can shrink polish. However, you can add some Seche Restore (Top Coat and Laquer Restoration Thinner) to  thin out the thickness.

CND Speedey Top Coat

This speedy Top Coat ads lots of shine to your nails and prolongs your manicure for up to a whole week. That’s what I call a good top coat!

Orly Sec’n Dry Quick Deep-Dry Topcoat

This Orly Top Coat dries very quickly and won’t let your manicure chip for 4 to 5 days. It also doesn’t get thick and goopy and it makes your nails really shinny.

Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat

This Sally Hansen Top Coat is somewhat better than the Insta-Dri Anti-Chip, as is dries quicker – about 3 minutes – and helps the manicure last longer. The major advantage of this top coat is that is offers high shine and prolongs the manicure for over five days.

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat dries fairly quickly and adds high shine to your manicure. Although it takes a slightly longer time to dry than Seche Vite, it doesn’t get goopy or thick like the later, yet doesn’t protect as well against chipping.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

The Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat from Sally Hansen does exactly what its name claims. It has a nice consistency, it doesn’t get gooey and it’s somewhat cheaper than other brands. It dries quickly to the touch, yet you’d best wait around 40 minutes before it’s completely dry.

Quick Dry Nail Drops

Quick Dry Nail Drops

Best Quick Dry Nail Drops

The first quick dry product I ever used came in drops form, and although it was basically a new concept for me at the time, I got used to the method fairly quickly and is still, to this day, the quick dry product I prefer the most.

You place the drops at the base of the nail bed and wait for the product to dissipate towards the tips.They are easy to use, never messy and do the job without leaving an overpowering scent.

Essie  Quick-E Drying Drops

Essie’s drying drops reduce drying time in seconds and protect nails from smudges, nicks and marks. The silicone formula helps reduce the drying time of all nail polish coats, so I advise you to apply after a topcoat, as a final manicure step.

Sephora by OPI Nail Colour Drying Drops

As this product is available both in drops and spray form, I must addmit that the drying drops work best for me. My manicure feels dry to the touch in a few seconds and I completely relax my hands after five minutes or so. They make the polish last longer and have added nourishing ingredients, like vitamin E and jojoba oil, to protect the nails and cuticles.

Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops

The Sally Hansen Quick Dry Drops leave the nails dry to the touch in 60 seconds and sets them completely in under 2 minutes. It gives your nails a nice shine and thanks to the vitamin E and jojoba formula, it protects the nails and nourishes the cuticles.

Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops

A few of these game-changing quick-dry drops will leave your manicure touchably smudge-free much sooner. The Julep Quick Dry Drops also include conditioners for your cuticles like vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

Zoya Fast Drops Drying Drops

These phenomenal bubble-preventing drops completely dry your topcoat, polish and base coat fast and enhance color vibrancy. Color stays fresh and gorgeous, shiny and neat at the surface for a longer period of time.

Quick Dry Nail Polish Spray

Quick Dry Nail Polish Spray

Best Quick Dry Nail Spray

If you prefer quick dry nail sprays, than there are by far, some of the best products I’ve tried. Starting with my very favorites and finishing with some best for their price picks, these products are sure to cut your waiting time to an average of 1-2 minutes.

Sephora by OPI Nail Color Quick Dry Spray

Get a glossy, smudge-proof manicure in a matter of seconds by applying Sephora by OPI spray to accelerate the drying time of your nail polish. You can use between polish changes, a couple of days after you got your nails done, to restore shine and condition cuticles for a just-manicured look.

CND Solar Speed Spray Conditioning Polish Dryer

This spray formula draws out the solvents from every coat offering a quick dry solid manicure. It has essential oils and vitamins that condition the cuticles and nails and a wonderful almond scent that you will instantly adore!

OPI RapiDry Quick Dry Spray

One of the industry’s favorite quick dry spray, OPI RapiDry goes on in a light mist over the nail bed and acts quickly to ensure a strong, lacquer base, that won’t smudge the second you finish painting your nails. This product also provides a great amount of shine.

China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry Spray

You only need a small amount of this fresh smelling quick dry spray to coat the nails and prolog the manicure for about a week. China Glaze’s quick dry spray will surely became a ritual in your nail art routine once you’ve tried it!

DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer

Although not as quick drying as the other brands’ products, DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer has good price per value and solidifies nail polish in a matter of minutes. Use it sparingly and hold far away from nails when you spray, as it can get a bit oily and messy.

Quick Dry Nail Polish Top Coat

Quick Dry Nail Polish Top Coat

Envi Nail Enamel Dryer

This product is comparable to DeMert Nail Enamel Dryer, as it is best held a litter further away from the nails when you spray. The oily formula will dry your nails in just a few minutes, and since the cost is under $3, you won’t mind cutting the waiting time from 20 minutes to 2.

The Ultimate Fix Beauty Narcotix Quick Dry Spray

The Ultimate Fix spray dries and protects the nail polish in minutes, giving your nails the polished aspect and high shine of gel nail polish. It claims to maintain your manicure chip proof and to prolong its life for almost a week.

Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray

This quick dry spray might be better launched in a drops form, as other reviewers have mentioned, due to the the downside of product waste because of packaging.  However, for its price, I’ve been pleased with the drying time and finish it leaves.

Have you ever tried any of thiese Quick Dry Nail Products? Waiting for your feedback on these products in the comment section below


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