Organic cosmetics from Fereto Paris: natural ingredients, countless benefits

Organic cosmetics are gaining popularity due to the amazing results that the 100% natural skin care products have to offer. They’re the secret to clear, beautiful and healthy skin and the key to an impeccable makeup.

Because I’ve recently had a chance to test some great organic products, I’m going to share with you the benefits of  a skin care regimen from Fereto Organics and demonstrate how to apply your moisturizer through facial massage.

These techniques will in turn facilitate the absorption of the organic, active ingredients found in the formula. The skin care products that I’m going to use will provide nutrients to the skin, protect against free radicals and prepare your skin for makeup application.

Fereto Organics – why choose organic cosmetics?

Fereto Organics is an organic brand of skin care products, produced by chemical researchers in France. This advanced range of cosmetics features an eye cream and three moisturizers, suited for oily, normal or sensitive skin.

Before and get down to it and tell you more about the improvements I’ve seen on my skin after using Fereto Organics, I want you to know some more about the factors that have determined me to try the skin care range in the first place.

Since we already live in a world where pollution and free radicals affect the skin, the last thing you want to do is use harsh chemicals. However, mass market cosmetic brands affect our skin more than we care to admit. According to studies carried out by scientists in Europe and USA, the average woman  applies more than 126 chemicals on her skin every day.

The fact that more than 60% of those are absorbed by the skin should not only concern us, but also determine us to change our beauty routine and try out organic skin care products.

Fereto Organics is one organic brand that I strongly recommend. The benefits of using them are countless, starting from plain old moisturizing to clearing, mattifying, anti-aging or soothing. Due to their pure, natural ingredients, these organic cosmetics nourish the skin with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which fortify the immune system and protect against free radicals.

Fereto Organics Paris

Fereto Organics Paris

Although the skin care range was not intended as a treatment, the natural ingredients found in the formulas offer amazing results for normal, sensitive or oily skin, balancing pH levels and clearing the skin. By using Fereto Organics cosmetics, you’ll have a chance at a visibly improved, nourished and radiant skin.

Fereto Organics offers three moisturizers for different skin types and an eye contour cream. Whether we’re talking about day or night creams, you should apply your moisturizer only after you’ve cleansed your skin of impurities or excess sebum. The first product you should apply is your eye cream, followed by your moisturizer.

Fereto Hydra Firming Eye cream

For eye area, I recommend the Fereto Hydra Firming Eye cream, an organic product, designed to nourish, diminish dark circles and soften the appearance of wrinkles.

The formula is enriched with purifying witch hazel, hydrating hyaluronic acid and Aloe Vera extracts, that soothe sensitive skin and alleviate redness. Fereto Hydra Firming also contains rose oil, a rare, precious ingredient, which has a deep anti-wrinkle effect, preventing premature aging.

Fereto Hydra Firming Eye Cream

Fereto Hydra Firming Eye Cream

This amazing triple action eye contour cream boosts microcirculation, stimulates collagen production and revitalizes the skin, for a deep anti-wrinkle effect and daily protection. The cream hydrates and softens the wrinkles, but also removes the dark circles under the eyes. It’s said to have similar effects to Botox.

Read more about it and order it online here.

To apply it, pump one or two drops of Fereto Hydra Firming eye cream onto the back of your hand and use your ring finger to tap the product onto the skin. Starting from the outer corners of the eyes towards the inner corners, use short circular motions to massage the eye cream into the skin.

The next step in your skin care routine is applying the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. You can choose Fereto Hydra Mat Botanical if you have oily or acne prone skin or Fereto Hydra Sensitive Botanical, if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin. Fereto Hydramax Botanical is the brand’s universal moisturizer, suitable for all skin types.

Fereto Organics Paris

Fereto Organics Paris

Fereto Hydramax Botanical

I use Fereto Hydramax Botanical, an organic moisturizer for day and night, that hydrates, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and softens the skin.

It contains 100% natural ingredients, like jojoba oil, papaya and hibiscus extracts, linden and orange flower water, that have an immediate, long-lasting hydrating effect on dry skin. Exotic papaya extracts prevent premature aging and fight against free radicals. The jojoba oil hydrates the skin, but also controls excess sebum, while soothing sensitive skin.

Fereto Hydra Max Botanical

Fereto Hydra Max Botanical

Applied regularly, this moisturizer brightens the complexion, prevents premature aging and protects the skin from external factors, leaving the skin rejuvenated and healthy.

You can read more about it and order the Fereto Hydramax Botanical from here.

Fereto Hydra Mat Botanical

For normal to oily skin that is prone to acne, I recommend Fereto Hydra Mat Botanical, an organic moisturizer that prevents excess oil build up on the T zone, unclogs pores, mattifies and evens the skin.

This daily moisturizer contains natural antibacterial and purifying ingredients, that cleanse the skin and boost microcirculation. Rosemary water cleanses the skin by removing impurities, unclogs pores and stimulates microcirculation. The formula is enriched with Aloe Vera, vitamin E, papaya extract, hyaluronic acid, jojoba and baobab oil, that nurture the skin and eliminate acne signs.

Fereto Hydra Mat Botanical

Fereto Hydra Mat Botanical

You can apply it by day or by night, as well as use it as mattifying primer before applying your foundation.

Find out more about the HydraMar Botanical and order it online from here.

Fereto Hydra Sensitive Botanical

For those with sensitive or dry skin, I recommend  Fereto Hydra Sensitive Botanical, an organic moisturizer that reduces redness, nourishes and evens out the skin.

This organic dermacosmetic product is produced from top quality natural ingredients, like camomile extract, Aloe Vera extract, Shea butter, natural coconut oil extracts, hyaluronic acid along with other emulsions extracted from 100% natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are rich in nutrients, so they nourish, soften and protect the skin.

Fereto Hydra Sensitive Botanical

Fereto Hydra Sensitive Botanical

It has soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, it’s rich in nutrients and has a powerful hydrating effect on dry, irritated skin, boosting collagen production and preventing wrinkles.

Read more about this moisturizer and order it online from here.

The quality of the skin care products you use can only be matched by the way you apply them. If you want your skin to take in all the benefits of your organic cosmetics, then you should learn some facial massage techniques, that help your skin to absorb the ingredients. Long term use of this method has a powerful lifting and anti-aging effect on the skin.

You can apply your favorite Fereto Organics moisturizer by placing a small amount on your finger tips and warm it for a few seconds. You then apply it on the skin, following the contours of your face.

Fereto Organics skin care range

Fereto Organics skin care range

Massage it on the neck with delicate, upward motions, and then work from the center to the outer edge of your face. Starting with the cheeks, massage the cream using circular motions, then use a zig-zag motion on the forehead, to prevent wrinkles in that area.

For soothing tension relief, press acupuncture points for a few seconds – on the hairline, brow, nose, upper lip and chin.

The result? A visibly improved, healthy and beautiful skin. Read more about the benefits of Fereto Organics cosmetics and order them online, at


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