Neogenic Vichy – hair density treatment review

How many of you are concerned about hair loss? Hair loss sufferers spend more than 3.5 billion dollars a year in an attempt to treat their condition, yet unfortunately, 99% of all products launched to couteract this emotionally distressing disease are completely ineffective for the majority of those who use them.

However, the search for that one product that works is never abandoned, and with each new lauch in the area of hair growth products, apolecia sufferers hope for the best. Such is the case with the new Neogenic Vichy hair density treatment, a product that intrigued most of us with discoveries mark the benining of a new era in alopecia studies.

In light of the latest discoveries about stem cells, Vichy launched a worldwide innovation in the area of alopecia.Vichy’s Neogenic offers the solution to this problem – Stemoxydine, a patented molecule that promotes the proper functioning of stem cells at the origin of new hair and awakens the dormant bulbs.

Until now, we thought that the hair’s life follows three different cycles – growth (anagen phase), regression (catagen phase) and rest (telogen phase).

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women

About 90% of the hair on the head is in the anagen, or growth phase, which lasts three to five years. The catagen, or transition phase, typically lasts 2-3 weeks, during whichย  the hair follicle shrinks. During the telogen cycle, which lasts around two to four months, the hair rests, begins to fall, causing noticeable hair loss.

Until now we believed that after the telogen phase is completed, the hair follicles continue their cycle and return to the growth phase. However, recent studies tell us that sometimes, hair rebirth can undergo a dormant stage, in which the bulbs stop their activity and postpone the production of new hair follicles.

This dormant stage can take between 2 to 12 months, and the longer this phase is, the more hair loss is increased. Hair looses density, the scalp becomes visible and your alopecia becomes a real threat that you can no longer avoid.

Neogenic innovation in the field of hair growth

In light of the latest discoveries about stem cells, Vichy launched a worldwide innovation in the area of alopecia.Vichy’s Neogenic offers the solution to this problem – Stemoxydine, a patented molecule that promotes the proper functioning of stem cells at the origin of new hair and awakens the dormant bulbs.

Researched for over 20 years by Lโ€™Orรฉal, stem cells are involved in the awakening of the dormant hair follicles. This topic is fully explained in Commo Gallard’s study, Differentiation (2000). The discovery of the reservoir of hair follicle stem cells, on the one hand and the production of Stemoxydine on other hand, represent a major advance in promoting hair growth.

Hair loss in men

Hair loss in men

L’ร“real studies show that the stem cells in the inferior reservoir become active and produce new hair follicles when they are hosted by a hypoxic environment (with a low oxygen level). Although this is a recent discovery, it offers us a new dimension in a field yet unexploited – dormant follicles. More about this subject will soon be available in study conducted by Michelle Rathman-Josserand, Gaianne Genty, Jennifer Lecardonel and Bruno A. Bernard, “Hypoxia and Human Hair Follicle Stem/ Progenitor Cells”.

The patented molecule with biomimetic effect, Stemoxydine, awakens the dormant hair follicles from the sleep phase. The 5% concentration in Neogenic mimics the effect of a hypoxic environment. Its effectiveness is reflected in an increase in the number of hairs and fullness.

Vichy’s in vivo studies show an increase in hair density by 4%. This equals the gain of 1700 new hairs, on average, in just 3 months. A result that’s got a lot of you with hair loss problems wondering about the efficiency of this product.

Neogenic by Vichy

Neogenic by Vichy

Does Neogenic get results?

Naturally, I’ve been wondering the same thing ever since I first got word that the product was released in Europe. Although I don’t need it for myself, my boyfriend suffers from androgenic alopecia and is in constant search for a product that not only slows down the hair loss process, but also helps in regaining lost hair, by promoting growth.

Neogenic Vichy Applicator

Neogenic Vichy Applicator

The recommended dosage of Neogenic is a 3 months cure, that can be followed 2 times a year, within that 12 month latent phase that I mentioned earlier in the post. We just started using the first out of 3 sets of 28 dosage units needed to make a statement about the efficiency of Neogenic, so expect updates to this post in time.

So far, it’s made a noticeable improvement in thickening and regrowth to the crown, but not so much to the receding hairline or vertex. We’ll see how it goes after three months of daily use.

Vichy advices to apply the product in the morning or evening to dry or damp hair. In my experience, you’d probably want to apply it at night, as it does leave your hair slightly shinny, as though you’ve applied shine spray to your roots. Not as bad as it sounds and surprisingly facilitating for styling.

It isn’t sticky, however, and it doesn’t leave an oily film as some other hair growth product do. This watery quickly penetrates skin if you massage it with the ergonomic applicator provided in the pack. It’s not the greatest I’ve seen, since it takes some time getting used to the quantity you want to apply in each region of your scalp, but I haven’t experienced leaks when trying to use it as some other consumers described.

The scent seems to me very similar to shampoo, so it should be pleasant to most.

Hypoallergenic and paraben free, Neogenic is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. Fortunately, I didn’t experience any problems with dandruff, as I did with other hair loss treatments, otherwise three months would have seemed far too long.

Otherwise, the amount of time indicated in order to show results shouldn’t be a problem for those of you accustomed to hair growth treatments. You know these things take time in order to prove their efficiency and I plan to use it religiously as recommended before I give your my final take on it.

I am happy with the results as I’ve been hoping for more hair density on the crown and Neogenic proved efficient in that area and for me, there were some changes in hairline growth as well, as many tiny hairs appeared at my temples. Therefore, I highly recommend this product to whomever needs an efficient hair density treatment.

UPDATE: Since most of you have been asking to post an official source where you can buy Neogenic Vichy online, I did a follow up post where you’ll find the product available for purchase. If you decide to use it, please let me know if you find the product useful. Hope it works for you too!




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73 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Hi Luiza
    Regarding how long and when to use Neogenic Dercos

    According to the article:
    ‘The recommended dosage of Neogenic is a 3 months cure, that can be followed 2 times a year, within that 12 month latent phase that I mentioned earlier in the post.’

    Do you have to maintan using the product past the first year of having applied the treatment as directed?

    Is this required to maintain results?

    Can the product be used alongside other hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil (Rogaine/Regaine)

  2. Luiza says:

    Hi Adam,
    The Neogenic cure targets dormant hair follicles, found in a stage which lasts between 2 -12 months. This period is basically shortened thanks to Neogenic, and 15% of new hairs will begin their growth phase – Anagen – which lasts three to five years.

    You shouldn’t need to follow the treatment yearly. If this product works for you, then you suddenly start to lose hair again, within a period of 6-12 months, then the cause may not be dormant hair follicles, but other factors.

    Then again, hair has a continuous cycle, and while some hairs are in their Anagen phase, others are in their Exogen phase. It’s your decision if you use this product yearly, however in my case, it wasn’t necessary to do the cure more than once. I might give it a go again, in a year or more, if I experience a considerable amount of hair loss.

    Until then, I too use hair loss treatments that keep the situation under control. I used them before the treatment as well as during the Neogenic cure. Probably the effect of both of them is what helped more.

    Hope my experience helps! Good luck!

    • Adam says:

      Hi Luiza
      Thanks for the response

      I have read that some people do not use the full 6ml of each daily ‘monodoses’ as they can cover their hair without using the whole amount .

      Do you need to apply the full 6ml each day or as long as a lesser amount covers the whole head will that be just as affective as using the full amount?

  3. Adam says:

    Hi Luiza
    Many Thanks for the reply to my message – apologies if you receive the following query twice I am not sure if the first one I wrote was sent properly ๐Ÿ™

    Is it required to use the full 6ml Monodoses each day? I have read that some people use less as they can cover their whole head/affected area without using the whole amount?

    Is there an amount less then the 6mp that you can specifically recommend to be as affective?

    Or in order to be affective should the whole 6ml of each monodose be used?

    (I use about 1ml to 2ml of Minoxidil (rogaine) each day which covers the
    affected areas)

    As the product is quite expensive if less can be used but still be as affective as the whole amount it makes sense to me to do so.

  4. maodeh says:

    Hi .. it’s my 2nd day using this product, can anyone tell me if I need to use the whole cartridge everytime I apply it to my scalp?! I’m using each cartridge for two days as the instructions say nothing !!


  5. Adam says:

    Hi Luiza
    Does the leaflet.instructions that come with the Dercos Neogenic list any side effects?


  6. Arjun says:

    This product does not work and vichy is making a fool of innocent people. I come from a middle class family from India and I had been saving my salary for a long time to buy 3 months supply of this product. This product is very expensive here in India since 1 months supply is nearly 10,000 indian rupees which is half of my monthly salary. I bought 3 boxes and have used them for 3 months (28 doses each day for a total of 84 days) and I am shocked as well as heartbroken to see that there has not even been 0.1% of an improvement in my situation. My head looks exactly the same as it did 3 months ago :'( I am horrified and shocked that multinational companies such as vichy make a fool of innocent people.

  7. Adam says:

    Luiza thanks for your response
    I just like to know if I can expect any side effects from any treatments I am using and what to look out for. I have had side effects from previously used hair loss products. I contacted Loreal and they claim that this product is side effect free.

    • Luiza says:

      Good to know. If you’ve experienced side effects with more than one product, it’s safe to say your skin is sensitive to some ingredients. Please let us know if Neogenic acts out ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. nonnah says:

    Hello Luiza
    Iโ€™ve purchased the product and I am now at the end of the third week I hope to be used by his amazing result for me, I am frankly more than ten years, I am suffering from the problem to the extent that my scalp became visible which caused me embarrassment My scalp became very greasy forced to shower daily, and my hair looked terribly flaking does give me a good result because of precipitation before it for a long time.
    I have an important question is that did not show any outcome Can I recover the amount that you have paid the price because the product is very expensive cost me approximately $ 500 I hope to get a good result in the end to be able to retrieve my self-confidence

    Thank You

  9. Andrew says:

    This product is not efficient! I used it for 6 months + the Vichy Neogenic shampoo and there are no positive results. My advice to all baldies:
    1.If you experience hairloss – go to a doctor as soon as possible
    2.If you want hair regrowth – hair transplant is the only solution for the moment – do it with an experienced doctor/clinic. after 6 months you will be happy if you do it with professionals!
    3. I used all the expensive products: Revalid, Vichy, Alopexy, Rogaine – waste of money! it is just placebo!

  10. Lisa says:

    I had been using the Neogenic with really good results and stopped using it for a couple of months. My hair started to look a little thinner again and I was seeing a little bit more hair in the shower. I started using it again and it seems to be beginning to improve again.

    I also have been taking a product that a woman in my nail salon told me about that also seems to help.
    I’ve mentioned it to a couple of other women and they said they had some degree of positive results too.

    The product is called Hair Volume and its made in Sweden by accompany called New Nordic. It contains an apple extract, biotin and several other things. I remember a couple of years ago seeing mention made of a Japanese firm using some product made from apples to effective help stop hair loss. There’s no doubt about the expense and the time involved in really rubbing the the Neogenic product into the scalp with the applicator is a bit annoying but I really believe that stimulating the scalp and applying the product at the same time is
    more effective. I’m grateful for the degree of improvement I’ve seen even though I’d like to see more it’s made life easier for me. I wish that for all of you, and I believe that its really not too long until new more effect means of reversing or improving hair loss will be available. Oh- one more thing. I saw a dermatologist here in south Florida who uses PRP injections With stem cells from one’s own fat. He used to do a lot of work on patients who had cancers of the scalp because their skin would become very thin and tight after surgeries. This happened to me after a face lift caused my scalp to become tighter with less circulation. He said he started doing the PRP with stem cells on those patients and their skin became thicker and their scalps had better circulation. That makes good sense to me to the point that, when I feel I can deal with getting the injections, I’m going to do that. It won’t be for a while yet, but when I do I’ll report back.

  11. P says:

    I have been using it for two months now.

    Have not seen any significant results yet, not even in thickness !

    Could it be because:

    I am over 60’s ?
    I take Amlodipine hypertension tablets ?
    I am a man ?
    I am applying it in summer, with a uv index between 8 to 9 ??

  12. Jenny says:

    My brother and father bought this product since the pharmacist recommended so much. This product has no use at all. Their hair loss become much more. Most of the people have the same experience. It is money loss and hair loss.

  13. Ejigu says:

    this drug use for heredtary bold my father and my big brather is now no hair and now my hair is now after my 24 age frontal part is now eradicated what shall i do just now i bought your product and when i start 2week ago no change

  14. H says:

    i have started with this neogenic. been like 2 weeks. anybody whose been using it does it gives results??

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