Nail Art

  • Gel Nail Problems – fix issues associated with acrylic & gel nails

    Gel nails are the modern woman’s manicure, the only solution for working women like ourselves to keep a flawless manicure. However, if you think there is not a price to pay for this time saving miracle, think again and allow me to share with you the gel nail problems you might encounter and how to […]

  • Pastel Nail Polish Trends 2014: L’Óreal Les Blancs Collection

    Pastel Nail Polish is the new spring trend everyone is talking about, a great alternative to nude nail polishes that were the rage last year. Fresh, lovely shades of lavender, peach, mint, golden beige and pretty pink add a romantic chic finish to any look or outfit. Although the Fashion Weeks offered a veritable feast […]

  • Triangle Moon Nails, the predecessors of Half Moon Manicure

    Triangle Moon Nails have achieved new-found popularity in the spring summer 2013 season, as models at fashion weeks and celebrities galore sported the V-shaped manicure, a predecessor of the Half Moon Manicure. More diverse than the oval design and more dynamic from a geometrical perspective, the Triangle Moon Mani can be fashioned according to style […]

  • Best Quick Dry Nail Top Coat, Drops or Sprays

    For most nail art lovers, the time wasted on drying polish coats can be extremely frustrating.  Moreover, there is no guarantee that once you’ve done the time, the nail design won’t be ruined by marks or smudges the second you pick up a chore or get into bed. If you’re someone like me and you […]

  • Best Nail Polish Removers on the market

    If you’re into nail art and like to change colors on a whim, then you definitely need a good nail polish remover to help you in the process. Because I understand the need to try out different looks and I have a bit of an obsession with glitter nail polish, I wanted to find the […]

  • Best Glitter Nail Polishes available on the market

    Ever since glitter nail polishes came out, wearing shimmer on your nail has become a huge trend that’s flashy and sophisticated in the same time. The addition of glitter in your manicure or your nail art designs might be the best way to add some glamor to your evening attire, draw attention to your fingernails […]

  • Half Moon Nails – the reverse French manicure

    The Half Moon Manicure has kept its new-found popularity over the years, becoming a favorite nail design at fashion shows and on the red carpet. We all love its retro appeal when worn in classic shades, as the ’40s fashion dictates, yet we can still be surprised of how lovely modern polish combinations re-brand this […]

  • Ombre Nail Art – popular techniques for gradient nails

    Ombre nails have been one of the most popular trends featured in the spring/summer ’13 Fashion Week and in glossy magazines everywhere. Whether you refer to it as “gradient nails” or “faded nails”, the reality of the matter is we’ve all fallen in love with this nail art technique and the chic subtle effect that […]

  • OPI Gel Nail Polish – the replacement of acrylic nails?

    Manicures aren’t known for their longevity. And because they chip, smudge and tend to lose their charm after a while, the idea of a traditional manicure has been replaced by many women with the notion of Gel Nails, also known as acrylic nails or nail enhancements. Acrylic nails are not only fashion accessories, designed for […]