Cute Makeup ideas for school – quick and easy makeup looks for teens

It’s no secret that girls want to look their best at school, feel confident and good in their own skin and let their personality shine through. Makeup ideas for school should reflect your youthful, glowing tone and conceal your insecurities by using the proper cosmetics and makeup for school tips.

As a professional makeup artist, I’m often approached by teenagers who want to learn makeup tricks to cover imperfections or who need advice when choosing a BB Cream or a CC Cream according to skin type. Because I want to help you lose the frustration that comes along with blemishes and acne problems, I often mention the importance of using a color-correcting powder to matify oily skin.

Makeup comes last, after you’ve achieved a natural looking, dewy skin tone. I prepared some cute makeup ideas for school for blue eyes, as well as makeup tips for brown eyes and 7 gorgeous ideas for green eyes, that will work for you even if you have brown, blond or black hair. For makeup for school tutorials, please be sure to check out my YouTube Channel and try some of the looks!

Don’t think for a minute you’re in this alone! Applying makeup for school nowadays is regarded as a natural step that young girls take on their own, different road to maturity and self-acceptance. Some call it building self-esteem, others regard it as love for one self, but caring about your looks ultimately means becoming the person you already feel you are.

The issues you face at this age are both physical and psychical, so as you begin to question old values and move toward a more mature sense of self, you should keep in mind the importance of preserving your identity, regardless of trends, friends and celebrity role models.

It’s a given that the sudden and rapid physical changes will make any teen self-conscious about their appearance. Even though there are things you can’t control – like an acne burst, there are a number of aspects that can be fixed in order to look your best.

It all eventually comes down to how you want to handle the matter. If you’re a hands on type of girl, you might want to grab your makeup kit, take out your brush and begin the makeover.

Makeup ideas for school

Sarah Hyland makeup

Teen skin care

If you are in your teens, you might want to start taking care of your face properly, by letting go of improper habits and developing a skin care routine for teens fitted to your needs.

A skin care routine for teens implies deep pore cleansing, proper moisturizing and regardless of your area’s climate, a SPF 15 lotion that prevents your skin from showing early signs of aging. This skin care routine will not take a lot of time, nor will it leave a major gap in your pocket.

It’s not accidental that a skin care routine’s final step is moisturizing, since this is also the first rule in makeup. As I’ve come to understand, proper moisturizing is crucial to the blending process of foundation and concealers, the most important aspect in applying makeup for school.

Makeup ideas for school

Vanessa Hudgens makeup

Natural makeup looks for school

When doing your makeup for school, you will spend most of your time enhancing the skin tone to show good health. Correct any discoloration, cover any scars or blemishes, and make the skin look healthy and vibrant.

Remember to strive for realism and choose a foundation suited to your natural coloring, that provides a base on which you apply makeup. Foundations also provide extra moisture to the skin, protect it from the environment, and, in some cases, provide a light sunscreen.

If you feel you’re not comfortable wearing any foundation or believe you don’t that much coverage, you may choose to wear only sun block and concealer. Concealers even out skin tone, and cover blemishes, scars and circles under the eyes. KRYOLAN’s Dermacolor works well with spot painting – it is noncomedogenic, and gives you dense, full coverage that you can feather or blend the edges with your makeup brush.

You can forgo the powder, but in case you need to take down any shine of the face you can try Face to Face Supermatte Antishine by Make-Up International. Blend down past the jaw line under the chin.

Once the skin is looking healthy and vibrant, you need to add color to the cheeks and bring attention to the eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

Makeup ideas for school

Lucy Hale makeup

Cute makeup ideas for school

Accentuate the eyes by adding any needed definition without doing a full beauty makeup. Choose soft browns, taupes or gray to define the lash line using pencil or powder. By dotting in color, you create the illusion of a greater or stronger lash line.

If you decide a bit of eye shadow is needed, use a lighter color all over the lid in creams, beiges, and pinks to even out the lid and choose soft browns or taupes in the eye crease.

Clear mascara is also a great choice if the lashes are already long. If a brown or black mascara is needed, apply a thin coat with a mascara wand. That way you have more control over the application and can really get beautiful lashes without them looking coated.

For a natural blushed effect, place cheek color in the apple of the cheeks, either cream or powder – pinks and peaches are best.

Makeup ideas for school

Vanessa Hudgens makeup

Keep the lips looking healthy by using just enough color to blush them. Use lip stains, tint with a matte or sheer lipstick, or use a lip moisturizer to get the color and attention needed without a high impact.

Your technique needs to be subtle and clean without the obvious enhancement of makeup. Again, school makeup looks and eye makeup for school should be cute and natural looking, not because your parents and teachers say so, but because it is always best to maintain that effortless beauty any teen yearns for.

Cool makeup ideas for school

If you grow out of the natural, cute look for school, my guess is that you’ve reached that point in your life where you need to experiment with color and just have some fun. I for one, build my reputation in college with the help of my colorful collection of eye liners, while some of my friends crushed on soft smokey eyes looks or cat eyes.

Using colored eye pencils to accentuate only your water line or your lower eyelashes is the best way to liven your school look and add color to a neutral outfit. If you choose this look I recommend bold flashes of bright pinks, neon greens or sky blue.

Seventeen was the brand of my choice, but MAC also has an adorable line of khol pencils. Don’t be afraid to experiment cool and easy makeup tips by dragging the pencil a fifth of an inch outwards of your eye shape.

Pair these cool make up ideas with a neutral shade of lipstick or a soft pink, similar to your lip color and a soft blush to your cheekbones.

Makeup ideas for school

Fashion show makeup

If the mood dictates a sexier smokey eyes look for school you should take notice from previous makeup trends and adopt a quick and easy, everyday look with light tones like champagne, taupes, soft browns or beige.

Start by applying a sand-like shimmer as an eyeshadow base all over the eye area and darken the outer third of the lid with a brown-violet tone, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Bring the look together by applying a touch of brown eyeliner and defining your lashes.

During classes, you should go for neutral to coral shades and afterwards amplify the look with a cognac shade of lipstick.

If you are in the look for a subtle, eye definition, your best bet is a cat eye makeup. Apply sleek black liner in the corners of your lids for a cool twist that will draw attention to your eyes. A very sharp pencil works, but liquid liner is best for this look.

Pair it with a soft pink lipstick hue for feminine attention-grabbing lips, that brightens your face and makes a statement.

Try some of these cool and easy makeup tips for school and figure out what works best for you. Only then, will you come to understand which of these school looks represent who you really are.


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