Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation & Stick Review and Comparison

I’ve got big news for all the fans of the original Makeup Forever HD foundations out there and for those who weren’t convinced that this was in fact, the go-to product for invisible cover. This year, these iconic foundations have been reformulated to produce the revamped, 4K-friendly Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation as well as the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation.

In a nutshell, MUFE’s latest launch claims to give all the perks the original formula had before – oil-free, buildable coverage, invisible to the naked eye, great shade options and a soft focus effect that makes it look incredible by day or by night. Plus, the new Ultra HDs offers an even more natural feel and look on the complexion, like you’re not wearing any foundation at all.

This sounds too good to be true, right? Well, MUFE has always been a pioneer in the field, so when I heard about their claims, I had to put the Ultra HDs to the test and share with you my take on them.

My focus in this piece will be whether the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD range, available in both liquid and stick formula, is not only optimized for the new digital age, but also for the needs of women wearing it on the daily basis. Stick with me and find out!

Makeup Forever HD vs Ultra HD

First, let me explain what emancipated this release. It’s not like the original HD foundations weren’t popular or didn’t bestow that natural, dewy look on the complexion, right?

To meet the demands of the new digital age, MUFE launched an improved upon formula of foundation that caters to the principles of 4K HD. Given the increasing use of 4K cameras, which hugely magnify every part of the image and subsequently, every pore and fine line on the face, the makeup professionals use in film and TV had to adapt as well.

Because 4K cameras offer so much depth and detail, they can read makeup products more easily than regular HD cameras could. Therefore, the products had to evolve and so did MUFE HD.

Although the naked eye isn’t as detail oriented, you can still see a difference between the old and the new formula. Lots of those who though the original HD foundations weren’t as natural as the brand claimed are going to fall in love with the new versions.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD range

Makeup Forever Ultra HD range

Improved formula

The new Makeup Forever Ultra HD is a water based foundation, so the formula works well for all skin types, dry, mature, combination or oily.

It contains Amino Acid Coated Pigments – that blur imperfections, whilst providing translucent coverage, Hyaluronic Speres – that hydrates and plumps the skin, giving the feel of a silicone based formula, without the cons and Sericite, a fine grained mica that boost microcirculation on the skin and adds light reflecting properties to create a radiant effect.

It doesn’t contain sun screen, but there is a minor amount of fragrance in the formula. However, whilst researching the product, I’ve found that even on sensitive skin, it doesn’t cause irritations or breakouts.


The packaging is the same as the original formula, with an added metal band just below the pump. You still get the 30ml of product and the lids still fall off in your makeup bag, like the old bottle unfortunately.


If you’re going to compare the Ultra HD to the original Invisible Cover Foundation, you’ll find the two to be substantially different. The new texture is very lightweight, neither too runny or too thick.

It initially offers a pretty sheer coverage that looks gorgeous on the skin if all you need is thin layer of luminosity and color neutralizing. To get a medium coverage out of the new Ultra HD, you’d have to apply a second or even a third coat to achieve the same result as with the original foundation.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid

Makeup Forever Ultra HD liquid

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing for me, since what I personally loved about the first HD is the fact that I could customize the coverage depending on the needs of the skin I’m working with. This theory applied to skin types as well, since this was my go-to product for either dry skin, combination or oily skin.


However, the new Ultra HDs formula seems to be more tacky and sticky, something I personally have a hard time getting accustomed to with foundations. This elasticity could feel more comfortable on the skin or, if you’re like me, piss you off.

For me, this makes the foundation less easy to layer in desired areas, where some usually get redness. Because of the fluid consistency, it does blend easily, however it also sets fast, so you need to work fast with it and preferably apply it to the back of your hand and pick up the product from there, rather than dab it on your entire face and blend it outwards.

Speaking of application, the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD is definitely more pretentions than the original one. I found it gets a streaky finish when you apply it with a flat brush like MUFE recommends and that it sets too fast to apply it well using your hands.

The best ways to apply the new foundation is either with a stippling brush or with a Beauty Blender, but do keep in mind to apply the product one section of your face at a time for best results. Buffing and stippling this with a brush gives it a medium coverage, whist a sponge provides a lighter, sheer finish.

Changing your routine might bug you at first, but it’s a minor inconvenience if you feel this product is right for you and you love the natural finish it provides.

How to apply MUFE Ultra HD application

How to apply MUFE Ultra HD application

MUFE recommends two pumps to cover your entire face, which is half a pump more than you’d have needed with the original HD. In my opinion, the amount you use depends on your preference, skin type and coverage needs.

I say this because using more product will make this foundation much more visible on the skin, which ultimately defeats its purpose of looking natural. This is a major issue if you have mature or dry skin, since using more product causes it to collect into fine lines and wrinkles. Using a hydrating makeup primer is definitely a must with the new Ultra HD, which wasn’t the case with the original.

The best course of action is using a makeup primer and a thin layer of product on the entire face, with additional product buffed over specific spots only where more coverage is needed to camouflage redness and pigmentation on your face.

This method works very well regardless of skin type on the apples of your cheeks, where most of us get redness or pimples and also have to deal with enlarged pores. This is where the new Ultra HD formula really shines. Because of the light reflecting particles and the coated pigments in the formula, the difference in skin texture is less noticeable and the skin looks more radiant and refined than it did with the original HD version.

Shade range

The best part about the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation is that it comes in a large range of shades – 40, to be exact. This expands on the original HD Invisible Cover foundation’s 26 options, adding more light and darker shades.

MUFE Ultra HD Shades

MUFE Ultra HD Shades

It’s safe to say that there is a very good chance to match the perfect color with your own, especially since the new shade system is more helpful than I’ve ever seen.

If you’re familiar with the HD Invisible Cover foundation, be aware that the shade number system has changed and that original shades 150 and 185 have been discontinued. However, MUFE smartly included the shade conversion on the packaging, to further assist all-time favorite fans of the product.

The colors are not always a perfect match, because of the difference in texture and finish and the shades translated lighter on the skin than they look in the bottle.

To help you break down the numbering system and make it a little less confusing, first thing you should do is identify your skin’s undertone and start from there. The numbering system on the base of each bottle and also on the packaging consists of a letter and then a 3 digit number.The Ultra HD shades number start either with the letter “Y” (that stands for yellow = warm undertone) or with the letter “R” (for red = cool undertone).

MUFE Ultra HD Yellow Undertone Shades

MUFE Ultra HD Yellow Undertone Shades

The shades are categorized into four main color groups – light (2), medium (3), tan (4) and dark (5). So the first of the 3 digit number is either 2,3,4 or 5 and this helps you determine where you fall in terms of tone.

MUFE Ultra HD Red Undertone Shades

MUFE Ultra HD Red Undertone Shades

Let’s take for example the medium (3) category that consists of 13 shades starting with R300 “Vanilla” all the way to Y385 “Olive Beige”. The lower the 3digit number, the lighter the foundation. Here is an example where the name of the shades are aiding the numerical system, in order to simplify it – 315 “Sand” is lighter than 335 “Dark Sand”.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple to identify the correct shade for you. If you still have trouble figuring out which Ultra HD shade is right for you, you can always ask a sales representative to help you pick your best match.

Who should wear the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD?

In terms of how the Makeup Forever Ultra HD wears and holds throughout the course of the day, I would have to say that it definitely depends on your skin type, more so than it did with the original HD. The new foundation holds up well for those who fall in the combination to normal skin types.

It does tend to set into fine lines and wrinkles if you use too much around the eye area, so it’s definitely not the type of foundation that you would use to hide your under eye circles as well. I don’t think it’s suitable for women with dry or mature skin, since I did find it slightly clings to dry patches.

This foundation doesn’t do you any favors if you have acne prone or oily skin either. It doesn’t absorb any excess oil production and it doesn’t have the coverage necessary to camouflage pimples or acne scars. The Ultra HD never claims to bestow a matte finish, so if you’re looking for a foundation that makes your skin look radiant, doesn’t settle into open pores and lasts all day, this could work for you.

In conclusion, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation would work great for makeup artists and it can be a great addition to their kit. Having said that, in order for every woman – makeup pro or not – to make the best use of this foundation, she would have to follow the professional makeup techniques that are used in video today. That means using a primer first, followed by a sheer layer of foundation just to neutralize the skin texture and tone, spot correcting any imperfections, rather than adding more layers on the entire face, using a concealer underneath the eye area and a fine layer of HD powder to set everything.

In my opinion this is, indeed, the recipe for a perfect complexion, however you’d have to be a fan of the natural-looking, healthy and radiant finish to love this foundation.

For those of you that are still into the Kim Kardashian, loads of contouring and matte finish, there are other foundations more suitable for you still. Just keep in mind that makeup trends are surely heading towards a cleaner, fresher look and that soon, more and more brands will eventually adapt their formula towards achieving this.

You can buy the new Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation from here.



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