Category: Make-up started out with the desire to answer your makeup curiosities, as well as your basic foundation, eye shadows, blush, mascara and lipstick questions. With this blog, I set out to help you learn how to apply makeup properly and how to fix accidents that normally occur when you’re trying out something new, perfecting the craft or going for a daring retro look.

My primary concern is helping you understand what products work best for your skin type, and which color scheme compliments your complexion. With the help of my step-by-step makeup tips, tutorials and complex how to articles, you’ll pick up makeup techniques that accentuate your favorite features and you’ll achieve a professionally-applied look in no time.

In addition to learning from a professional makeup artist the art of makeup application and all the industry’s beauty secrets, Tiny Touchups will also be place where you’ll get complete beauty news coverage, information and swatches on the latest beauty products and the hottest makeup trends.

I’ll be posting on a regular basis makeup tips & tricks, behind the scenes shots of photo shoots, tutorials and make-up looks created by me, teaching you how to recreate them and which products I used.

Best BB Creams & CC Creams for your skin type

We barely had the chance to discover the ABCs of BB Creams, when a new multitasking formula rolled over the counters, promoting itself as the new and improved product on the market that merges...