• Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation & Stick Review and Comparison

    I’ve got big news for all the fans of the original Makeup Forever HD foundations out there and for those who weren’t convinced that this was in fact, the go-to product for invisible cover. This year, these iconic foundations have been reformulated to produce the revamped, 4K-friendly Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation as well as […]

  • Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review: invisible cover for film & photography

    The Makeup Forever HD Foundation has been in my kit ever since I’ve became a professional Makeup Artist. I’ve been using it on myself and my clients, for weddings, photography and film for more than five years now. Over the years, I’ve tried more than my share of foundations, from high-end to professional. I’ve liked […]

  • Take a bow for Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence & Super Extend Winged Out Mascara

    There’s nothing like a makeup product launch – amazing event combo, in my book. Even though I’ve had my fair share over the years, while working as a Beauty Editor for “The One” magazine, none came close to the sheer perfection that was the launch of Avon’s Ultra Color Indulgence Lipsticks & Super Extend Winged […]

  • MAC VIVA GLAM MILEY Interview & Collection Review

    MAC is back with a new Viva Glam collaboration, this time with superstar Miley Cyrus. The global pop sensation’s trademark makeup was sure to influence the collection so it’s no surprise that the star products are a hot pink lipstick and a matching lipglass with sparkling pearl shimmer. The shades are universally flattering, which is […]

  • Colored Mascara – best pink, green, blue mascara for enhancing eye color

    Resurfacing from 80s eye makeup trends, colored mascara may not be a new product, but it’s most definitely enjoying a comeback. The hype began with designers sending models wearing bold pink and blue mascara down the runways and soon enough, magazines were flooded with top picks of the best colored mascaras out there. Now, with […]

  • Make-up Fest 2014 – makeup supplies and masterclasses

    If makeup is your passion, you own a Makeup Artist degree or you just want to perfect your makeup skills, you should definitely join our community and come to Make-up Fest. This trade show celebrates makeup in all its forms – from beauty makeup to fashion and avant-garde looks, face painting, body painting, to special […]

  • 20 Best Makeup Concealers – cover acne, dark circles and tattoos

    The best makeup concealers even out skin tones, cover blemishes, scars, bruising, discoloration and circles under the eyes. This wonderful makeup product is definitely one of the most popular cosmetics in modern history, so it’s no surprise its destination has become multi-purpose. I set my mind to offer you some professional makeup advice that will […]

  • Makeup for small eyes – eyeliner and eye makeup looks for small eyes

    Finding the right makeup for small eyes is something I set out to do when I first started working as a makeup artist, because so many of my clients would ask me to do accentuate their eyes and make them look bigger, brighter and younger. After many experiments on countless small eye shapes, I’ve learned […]

  • L’Óreal Miss Denim Collection: Glam Matte Lip Gloss

    The summer makeup edition from L’Óreal known as Miss Denim or Miss Denim in some countries is truly something to consider for a fresh, sexy look. Featuring 4 shades of sand textured Jeans Effect Color Riche nail polishes, 2 new shades of Superliner Perfect Slim and 4 shades of the new Glam Matte Lipsticks, this […]