Keratin treatment for your hair: Wella SP Luxe Oil review

Hair oils are my go-to products for revitalizing dry, damaged hair, boosting shine and conditioning. I’ve tried and tested more than a few products, from Keratin treatments to hair elixirs, Argan oil hair treatment, treatment sprays or the old fashioned homemade olive oil treatment mask.

But because my hair is straight and extremely fine naturally, as well as dry and damaged by years of applying hair dye, not all formulas work to my advantage. You see, I am one of the few people who can’t use the olive oil hair mask, the egg treatment or the mayonnaise hair repair solution, due to my problematic hair texture, because these ingredients tend to weigh my hair down.

I already lack volume, so I spent years convinced that smooth, soft, shiny hair was just not an option for me. My hair routine consisted of hair loss treatment shampoos (that further dried out my hair) and an intense repair conditioner. I sometimes used a hair repair mask, but I don’t find it does much for me..

I discovered keratin treatments and hair oils by accident, with no intention of seeking a product that would nurture and revitalize my hair. The problem at hand was finding a product that would help me with a severe tangling issue I still have due to my fine hair. No matter how frequent I got a haircut or how many ounces of conditioner I used to disentangle the strands, I usually ended up pulling a great amount of hairs when I brushed or blow dried it.

Hair stylists I work with then recommended a hair oil treatment to help me with this incredibly frustrating situation. After the first use, I was hooked. It disentangled my hair, made it smooth, shiny and manageable, became my ultimate conditioning, styling and finishing tool. I tried several brands, before committing to one:

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir

Wella SP Luxe Oil is a combination of oils containing natural Argan, Almond and Joboba Oils. The oils work to restore the structure of the hair and and protect the existing Keratin. The best part about this product is that it has 8 amazing uses.

This amazing elixir is light but effective and has an amazing smell, which I think always makes a difference to any product. It smells like vanilla and sweets, something I personally love about it.

It smooths, softens, protects against heat, defines a hairstyle, prepares your hair for styling, reconditions the strands and provides a glossy finish, whilst preparing it for color treatments or styling. Basically, it provides everything I need to have perfect looking hair at all times.

Wella SP Reconstructive Elixir is a luxurious, reconstructive elixir developed to instantly transform hair texture, both inside and out and protect the keratin, leaving instant and long lasting smoothness.

Ingredients and formula

Enriched with a blend of 3 precious and luxurious oils, Luxe Oil leaves the hair up to 10 times smoother with triple the amount of Keratin protection than a regular conditioning treatment.

Wella SP Luxe Oils

Wella SP Luxe Oils

The triple oil formula contains:

Argan Oil, often referred to as “liquid gold”, is renowned for its nutritive, cosmetic and medicinal qualities on hair.  It nourishing qualities makes this ingredient a popular choice for many hair oil treatments;

Almond Oil offers superior hydrating properties and has a lightweight texture, that is suitable for fine hair like I have;

Jojoba Oil works wonders on fragile and dry or split ends;

Using a reconstructive Transform Technology, Luxe Oil benefits the hair from the inside out whilst protecting the natural Keratin. The small molecules of Luxe Oil’s nourishing formula penetrate deeply into the hair to lock in moisture and strengthen from the inner cuticle, whilst the oil forms a protective layer around each individual hair to protect against damage, repairing every strand so even damaged hair is noticeably smoother.

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstruction Elixir

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstruction Elixir

Here is the complete list of ingredients:

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Amyl Cinnamal, Hexyl Cinnamal, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool, Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil, Geraniol, Aqua, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil, Limonene.

How to use Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir

The great thing with the Wella SP Luxe Oil is the lightweight formula, which makes it easy to apply and the hair is easy to style. You can use the Reconstructive Elixir if you have curly or thick hair, or if your hair is extremely damaged or dry, or the Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray, more suitable if you have fine hair.

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstruction Elixir

Wella SP Luxe Oil Reconstruction Elixir

I’m using the Reconstructive Elixir for an intense keratin restore experience and because I found this to be a multi-purpose product, I’m going to share with you the many uses this hair oil has.

First off, I have to mention that it has a pump action which is so handy to use, and controls the amount you use, ensuring you don’t get too much on your hands. For my fine hair, I normally use half a pump on damp hair and half as  finishing touch, to remove excess frizz.

The Wella SP Luxe Oil can be used on wet and dry hair, all you will need is one to two pumps of product to smooth, soften and re-vitalize your hair.

On wet hair I use this to smooth the hair after shampooing. I apply some through the mid lengths and ends, then blow dry or allow to dry naturally. When using on wet hair, as you blow dry the hair, the oil helps prevent the hair from frizzing and smooths the cuticle.

It also:

  • softens: protects Keratin and provides long-lasting smoothness. Use the Reconstructive Elixir regularly and get up to 6 times smoother hair;
  • entangles the hair in its weakest state, helping to avoid breakages
  • cuts down on drying time, which is super important to me as I never have the patience to do so, and so I end up with frizzy hair.
  • protects:  creates an invisible hair shield. Work a small amount of SP Luxe Oil through damp hair, use a wide toothed comb to gently remove any tangles, then dry hair. I stopped using a heat protecting spray because of this!
  • defines: provides definition for curls and fine hair. Before drying, apply 2-3 drops to the hair and work outwards to define hair as desired, whether for curls or fine hair.

On dry hair, Wella Luxe Oil can be used in several ways. I only use it to smooth out my hair after a blow dry (half a drop) or after I straighten my hair (1 pump) or to define my curls after I used the electric curler (a couple of drops, after I set my hairstyle with hair spray). This way, it makes my hair visibly less frizzy and gives it a lovely shine.

You can also use it to:

  • moisturize the scalp before washing, by applying one to two pumps of the oil to the roots and scalp, massage and leave in for 5 minutes. Comb hair through and then wash as normal.
  • create gorgeous shine, by applying a few drops on styled hair.
  • deep condition your hair, by using it as an overnight treatment. Apply it evenly through your hair before bed and either leave in or rinse out in the morning.

All in all, I absolutely love this products and will be happy to compare it for you with other hair oil treatments I’ve tried prior to it. I think the scent is what made me fall in love with it and choose it over other great products, as well as the fact that is a more nourishing than a light oil spray, yet not as heavy as those formulated for coarse, curly hair. It’s the right formula for me, and I’m happy to recommend it to others that have the same hair issues!

Tell me which is your favorite keratin treatment for your hair? Which other hair oil treatments have you tried?



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