Hair color trends – ideas for bold women

Do you wish to change your hair color? Regardless of the fact that you’ve grown tired of your old look or you’re in the search of a complete makeover, I gathered here today some of the most exciting hair color trends 2017 has to offer. And who’s to say we can’t enjoy the lovely hair color ideas starting immediately?

The New Year brings a bundle of choices in hair color options, inviting us to embrace change chromatically, rather than through haircuts or hairstyles. I foresee a season of new possibilities in matters of hair color, chromatic clashes and volumes defined by contrast, and for those of you still reluctant to this trend, I hereby invite you to gaze at some of the most exciting suggestions of hair color.

Stylists have stirred a color revolution, proposing fabulous and innovative ideas for us to try and showcasing both monochromatic hues, as well as clashing highlights, rainbow streaks and ombre delights. With that being said, I urge you to get inspired and step confidently in this new era!

Many of last year’s hair trends are making a strong comeback for 2017, but we’re also acknowledging a few new trends popping up as well. Styles such as dipped dyed ends, bold hair colors and low highlights are still very strong looks from last year, and for 2017 ombre tresses are being updated with a flip flop motion called the reverse ombre.

Blond hair colors 2017

Blond hair colors 2017

But before we get there, let’s find out what happened to all the natural hair colors that stylists have long insisted on.

Natural hair colors in 2017

For those of you who like to switch between the natural hues available, I’ve got unexpected news – darker tones are gaining popularity over blond hues. Aspiring along with the most popular trends in fashion, hair color trends outline the image of an urban biker chick, where her attitude, as well as the undertone of the entire look (including the hair!) is cool.

Black hair color 2013

Black hair color 2017

Indeed, black hair colors will receive cool, blue or purple undertones, something that some of you will see as refreshing, while others will condemn as passé.

Red hues are keeping their intensity, living up to the expectations of strong, independent women, while blond shades lose their bombshell undertone and settle for funky, cool tones.

Red hair colors 2013

Red hair colors 2017

Bold hair color ideas for 2017

The next season will be an experimental one, as lots women will use dramatic colors. If you would like to to tint all your locks with a new shade, then I advise you to use a permanent or semi-permanent coloring formula.

If you are ready for dramatic makeover, then make a long term commitment. If you doubt regarding new shades, then the best solution is to choose highlights to get accustomed to the idea, or to try hair tints.

Stylists encourage the idea of high impact colored streaks in your hair, a trend that will surely meet followers. The sky is the limit when it comes to picking the actual hair color, so you can choose whatever color you like. However, the trendiest are pink, blue, purple and orange.

If you find yourself in difficulty, not to panic. Rainbow Color Streaks are still in trend, so it’s definitely a cool idea to add streaks to your hair that feature more than one color. Red, orange and yellow are top choices in 2017, but pink and purple come pretty close.

Creative hair colors 2013

Creative hair colors 2017

Streaks of Color / Dipped Dyed Ends

Much like the rainbow hairstyle mention above, there are many ways you can play around with color this year. Try a style that features on bold long streak of color such as purple or red, or only dip your ends for a playful ombre effect. You can also only dye your bangs for a truly intense look.

If you’re comfortable with the idea, go for an eccentric look, that bids farewell to monotony. Combine a saturated purple, red or pink color to your natural hair color and highlight your hair’s texture or length.

Lighter tinted sections when placed on the crown area have a volumizing effect, so use this tip to your advantage and go for light streaks of color if your have fine hair and need a little extra push on that department.

You already spotted that some of these ideas cannot be achieved at home, so you should ask the help of professionals in order to get de desired results.

Streak of hair color 2017

Streak of hair color 2017

Ombre & Reverse Ombre – the hair coloring techniques of 2017

For those of you who haven’t tried it, ombre hair coloring is still a major trend in 2017, offering an excuse to all of us that have grown tired to dying our hair every few weeks. Better than highlights and easier to maintain, the ombre look softens the features and adds a hippie vibe to your look.

The Ombre technique, which witnesses a growing popularity in nail art trends as well, becomes a fashion statement in the following year. The best part is that you don’t have to follow everyone’s recipe and start from a brown color, although it can be more convenient if it’s your natural hair color. Ombre red hair is, by far, the most popular and I hope we’ll be seeing more of it in 2017.

Ombre hair color

Ombre hair color

While Ombre hair is still very popular, this year adds an unexpected twist. It’s now being reversed, hence the name. This new trend features blonde or lighter color towards the root, while featuring a darker color towards the bottom. Of course you can still wear the darker root, and lighter bottom ombre trend, but this new reverse ombre just adds a new dimension.

Another great hair coloring option you might be inclined to try this year is Balayage. You can find more about this very popular Balayage highlights trend in this post. The effect is more natural and one of the main advantages it that you can postpone your next salon appointment quite a while.

This year, hair color trends offer a fresh perspective on change and a modern approach to hair coloring. Hence, if you find something amongst hair color trends for 2017 that you love and aren’t afraid to wear, I strongly advise you to let yourself be guided by your imagination.


As a professional make-up artist and beauty enthusiast, Luiza's expertise has become highly prized over the years. As owner of this site, she set her mind to create a publication for those who are focused not just on beauty trends and popular brands, but also on the industry's most well-kept secrets.

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  1. hi l’m 49 years old l have black and brown long hair .l want to color my hair l have alot of white hair l always color my hair black to cover my white hair but in three days you can see them.what would you recommend that not show my white please can you help me.thank you

    • Luiza says:

      Hi, Nancy, there are plenty of things that you may consider in order to make your new hair color last longer.

      First off, make sure that the particular dye you’re using is one of the better ones on the market and use the color sealer provided. Every time you wash your hair you should use hair products designated for color treated hair (shampoo, conditioner) as they will also protect your hair color.

      If you’re already doing this and the outcome is the same, you have 2 options – first, you could dye your hair in a lighter shade; second, you can darken the white hairs by covering them with black or brown mascara or with colored dry shampoo.

      Natural methods work too, so after you’ve washed your hair try rinsing it with walnut, chestnut, or nettle leaves infusion (tea) that will surely cover all your gray hair.

      Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes 🙂

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