Ben Nye Banana Powder – the best powder for fair, medium & dark skin

Every once in a while, there comes along a makeup product that I can truly say it’s worth having in your kit, regardless of your skin tone. Ben Nye Banana Powder is my holy grail, one of the best powders for fair, medium and dark skin out there.

Whether you’re looking to camouflage pink undertones so common in pale skin, struggling to find a good powder to set your under eye concealer/ contouring products or you’re in need of a translucent face powder for medium and dark skin tones, that doesn’t highlight gray undertones, Banana Powder from Ben Nye is the perfect choice for you.

This finely milled translucent powder sets makeup, mattifying the T zone, without looking cakey. Because of its hint of yellow, most women with medium and dark skin tones find it works well to set concealer under the eyes, highlight the under eye area and set the contouring products they use to highlight the cheekbones.

You might have heard of it from the countless tutorials on how to contour your face like Kim Kardashian using Ben Nye Banana Powder, as this yellow tinted powder blends well with other cosmetics, especially with thick products like cake concealer or contouring kits.

Get your Ben Nye Banana Powder from here.

Banana Powder Ben Nye

Banana Powder Ben Nye


Ben Nye Banana Powder – best yellow tinted powder

Ben Nye Banana Powder is the most well known shade of Luxury Powders and a popular yellow tinted powder, alongside Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief and T. LeClerc Loose Powder #Banane.

Although all three are great options, I recommend Banana Powder from Ben Nye because it’s the most versatile of them all and it looks great on fair, medium or dark skin tones. Because Clinique and T. LeClerc are cult favorites and are promoted in luxury perfumeries, many are reluctant to try Ben Nye, a brand that doesn’t use fancy packaging or markets itself to the general audience.

Ben Nye Makeup is a family-owned business, that caters to professionals and was founded by a makeup artist almost 50 years ago in Hollywood. It’s a professional makeup brand with lots of great products, that are continually evolving due to makeup artists’ input.

Kim Kardashian Contouring Highlighting

Kim Kardashian Contouring Highlighting

Banana Powder Makeup

The truth is this powder works well on just about every skin tone and provides a gorgeous finish, however you choose to use it. Here are some uses for Banana Powder from Ben Nye that you might not know:

  • Absorbs excess oil

This powder is specially formulated to absorb excess oil and soften the appearance of pores, because of its corn and rice starch formula. What I really love about it is the fact that it provides a matte finish and a complexion that glows. I use a light dusting of Banana Powder on the entire face even if I’m not wearing any makeup, to cover any redness or veins showing. It’s also my go-to product for setting makeup on medium or dark skin tones, as it won’t leave a white grayish cast on your face, that would otherwise be visible in photos.

  • Great for medium and dark skin tones

Ben Nye Banana Powder works on most complexions and skin tones, making it the most versatile powder I’ve encountered so far. If your foundation always seem to pull pink on your warm-toned complexion or you’re struggling to find a face powder that won’t cast a white grayish cast on your dark skin tone, you should try this makeup miracle suitable for medium and dark skin tones.

How to use Banana Powder Ben Nye

How to use Banana Powder Ben Nye

  • Works for pale or light skin tones

This powder is so versatile, thanks to its yellow toned pigments, that you’ll love it even if you have pale or light skin. It softly and subtly color corrects surface redness and pink undertones, that are common among those with pale skin. I use it on myself all the time, as well as to neutralize bluish under eye circles.

Another neat trick that will come in handy if you have Ben Nye Banana Powder is when you accidentally applied too much (pink) blush. Dust a light cast of this color correcting yellow toned powder on the area and you won’t need to take all your makeup base off because one silly mistake.

  • Contouring & Highlighting miracle

Ok, so you want to contour and highlight your face like Kim Kardashian? Then you have to try this. As I’m sure I’ve told you before in my Contouring and Highlighting Technique article, the best way to emphasize your features is by using cream products – usually thick concealers – and setting them with a good powder.

Even if you have pale skin and especially if you have medium or dark skin, I also recommend using a slightly darker, yellow toned powder, as this makes the contouring makeup look more realistic.  Banana Powder from Ben Nye is perfect for this, as a light dusting will look great on fair skin tones and a thicker layer on top of the cheekbones will act as a highlighter for medium and dark skin tones.

Kim Kardashian contouring

Kim Kardashian contouring

If you have darker skin, apply the powder on the highlighted areas, leave it to set and dust away the excess, using a fan brush. Also, consider applying the powder under the cheekbones and at the corners of the mouth. Using a makeup sponge instead of a brush to blend helps create a flawlessly highlighted look.

If using this powder when contouring, be sure to only use a light dusting of banana powder over the rest of the face, otherwise the contouring does not stand out. Using a makeup brush instead of a sponge may assist in providing only a light dusting of powder, though applying with a sponge may help it last longer.

  • Gets rid of under eye circles and sets concealer

Its yellow pigments counteracts bluish under eye circles, while its talcum, rice and corn starch formula prevents creasing and caking when used on the delicate eye area. I love to set my under eye concealer with it, as it won’t reveal fine lines.

The translucent powder works best when used in tandem with a thick, creamy concealer. Use a makeup brush or a makeup sponge to apply a thick layer of the powder under the eyes. Allow the powder to set before dusting away the excess using a fan brush. Perfection!



  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines

Talc, its main ingredient, is an absorbent, anti-caking and skin protecting ingredient that makes sure this powder doesn’t set into fine lines or crease when used on the under eye area.

  • Minimizes pores

Because Banana Powder is so finely milled and contains talc, corn starch and rice starch – the absolute best ingredient in face powders, it has anti-caking and pore minimizing properties, that make it suitable for those with oily or mature skin.

Banana Powder Ben Nye

The powder comes in a shaker with a screw-off lid. Unless you are careful, this can lead to wasting the powder and making a mess. Dip the brush or the sponge into the powder and apply to the face as needed to achieve the necessary effect, whether it is using the powder as a contour powder or a finishing powder.

The formula is simple, just like a professional makeup product should be. The Banana powder contains talcum, rice starch and corn starch – high quality absorbents, anti-caking and skin protecting ingredients.  It also has zinc – an antioxidant, stearate – skin conditioning ingredient and preservatives. Ben Nye’s Banana Powder is perfume free, so this is a great product for those with sensitive skin as well.

The ingredients are basic and targeted: Talc; Zinc; Stearate; Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch; Zea Mays (Corn) Starch; Methylparaben; Propylparaben; Butylparaben; May Contain (+/-): CI NO. 77491; 77492; 77499; 73360 (Iron Oxides; Red 30 Lake); Parfum Free.

A little goes a long way so the product has a great value. Available in 0.93oz Dome Jar | 1.5oz | 3oz or 8.0oz. Yield 50-125 applications per 1.5oz.

It is finely milled and catches the light, providing an even and natural complexion.  It’s soft, pale yellow shade reflects light in a flattering way, illuminating fair to medium European complexions with pink undertones. It bestows an enviable glow and lightens up the skin with one sweep, masking any imperfections, including dark circles.

Ben Nye Luxury Powders

Ben Nye Luxury Powders

Women with very fair complexions may find that the banana powder is too yellow for them and may wish to try a lighter shade Ben Nye Luxury Powder. While darker skinned women have found success with the banana shade, they may wish to experiment with darker shades to find the color that perfectly matches their complexion.

If the banana shade does not work, consider trying one of the other shades of Ben Nye Luxury Powder. Here are the options available:

  • Banana – Translucent beige with yellow tones
  • Beige Suede – Translucent beige with brown tones
  • Buff – Translucent beige with pink tones
  • Cameo – Translucent pink beige

Enhance your fair-skinned, youthful glow with Cameo, balance out light to medium skin tones with Buff, and warm up tan to deeper skin tones with Beige Suede. Regardless of your skin tone, there surely is a Luxury Powder out there for you.  When in doubt, choose Ben Nye Banana Powder, a shade that works well on most skin tones and will become your holy grail.




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