Curl Secret by Babyliss / Conair Review – the easiest way to achieve perfect curls

If you have straight, fine or flat-looking hair like I do, you probably dreamed of one day being able to achieve by yourself the perfect, glossy, sexy curls or at least some loose beach waves that will hold for the entire day. Although I really never thought this day would come, I now know The Curl Secret (from Babyliss / Conair) and I’m super excited to unveil it for you in this review.

To give you some background, my history with hair styling tools is somewhat complicated. Although I work with hairstylists all the time, hear a bunch of professional tips & tricks and invest constantly in every new gadget that would ease my challenge, hair skills will probably never happen for me. I know all about the theory, but I somehow fail to put it in practice successfully.

So far, I’ve tried to curl my hair using everything from tongs, wands, heated rollers, GHD or ceramic curlers. The result was always a disappointment, in one way or another.

Either one side of the hair looked great and the other terrible, the hair strands either had ridges or the ends never seemed to look ok, the curls never held past 2 hours and every time I ended up with a minor burn on my hand, ears or scalp from using the devices poorly.

The only thing that hadn’t happened was completely burning off a strand of hair whilst trying to curl it and I’m ashamed to admit that was my first though when I heard about the automatic curler I’m about to review.

Prejudice and fear aside, I can now say that Babyliss Curl Secret is, by far, the most amazing curling device I’ve ever used. I have a bunch of tips for you on how to use this product successfully and I’ll tell you all about my experience with it, without sparing any details.

The Curl Secret Review

Curl Secret by Babyliss or Conair (UK or USA) is the consumer version of the professional tool from the same brand, the Perfect Curl. The technology automatically draws the strand of hair into the ceramic chamber and heats it from all directions to form a curl. Simply release the hair and out comes the perfect curl.

Although the hair appears to be sucked up inside the device, the technology actually has a designed catcher that winds the hair into the heated chamber, where it is suspended and heated from all sides.

That’s actually pretty interesting and useful to know, as this means the hair isn’t held against the barrel or the heated plate under tension. It’s more gentle on the hair, which you can see by the amount of shine your hair gets.

In a matter of seconds, you achieve a gorgeous ringlet. Depending on hair thickness, length and all that jazz, in about 15-20 minutes your hairstyle is complete. The best part about this machine is that it’s way easier to create the desired finish and the curls last way more than when you use a curling wand, hot rollers or the straightening iron.

Babyliss / Conair Curl Secret Review

Babyliss / Conair Curl Secret Review

Even I mastered the machine on the first try so it really is fool-proof / idiot-proof in all regards. With 2 heat settings and 3 timer settings at your disposal, you can create different types of curls – defined ringlets, natural waves or free-flowing, loose beach waves.

Plus, the Babyliss Curl Secret automatically alternates the curling direction to give your hairstyle a natural finish, minimizes frizz thanks to the Ionic conditioning system and creates long-lasting curls, that look perfect for the entire day and transform into beautiful waves after a good night’s sleep.

I love the fact that I can easily do the back of my hair easily and that it doesn’t take ages to do my hair.

How to use Babyliss Curl Secret

Lots of women use straightening irons to achieve fast and beautiful waves, but every time I tried to use that method I would get a nasty ridge where I started my curl. With curling irons, I had trouble with curling the hair ends without any ridges.

Basically, I had no hair skills whatsoever and the only thing that could help was this automatic curler. It’s super easy to use and it only takes a few seconds to form a perfect curl – flexible, strong and defined at the same time.

The most important thing you have to remember when you use the Babyliss Perfect Curl is to position the barrel of the curler towards your head. That means that the opening of the heating chamber should always be facing you.

The second thing is that your hair is clean, combed and straighten, without any frizz. Don’t apply anything other than maybe a heat protectant. Avoid any type of styling product – mousse, hair spray etc.

Get started by sectioning your hair, while the machine is heating. The light sensor on the handle will stop beeping once the device is ready for use. It has a 20 min sleep mode function, a safety feature, so don’t leave it in stand by for too long, or else it will start to cool off.

Although I usually split the hair into three parts – two lateral sections and one at the back – when I use a curling wand, with the Curl Secret, I find it much easier to start at the base of one side and curl as far as the middle back by tilting my hair slightly. Then, I do the other side, with the same ease.

Clip the rest of the hair and work your way towards the opposite side of the head. Take a strand of hair of no more than 3cm in diameter and place it inside the heating chamber of the automatic curler. The hair strand needs to be inserted beyond the hair stopper, until it reaches the transparent guide.

For longer length hair, the styler will need to be inserted further down the hair section to ensure the hair is drawn into the curl chamber efficiently.

Firmly close the handles together to allow the hair to be drawn into the curl chamber. Hold it in position for 3 to 5 beats, depending on how loose you want your hairstyle to be and release at the sound signal.

There are three different heat settings – 190c, 210c and 230c – and three timer settings:

  • Setting 8 (8 seconds = 3 beeps) – for loose waves
  • Setting 10 (10 seconds = 4 beeps) – for soft curls
  • Setting 12 (12 seconds = 5 beeps) – for more defined curls

You can adapt the heat settings to your hair type and to whatever look you’re going for. For defined curls, turn to the 12 seconds setting and hold the hair in for longer, for loose waves, bring down the temperature setting or the time.

I recommend ladies with fine, dyed or damaged hair to use the lower heat settings and those this coarse, thick hair to use the higher heat setting, in order to achieve the same results. Ultimately, give it a try and find out what works best for you.

I use the 12 seconds setting to do my hair and it takes exactly 15 minutes to do my entire hair. I get defines curls for the entire day and the next day I end up with soft waves and beautiful hair ends. The Perfect Curl really is faster and way better than any other curling method I’ve tried.

The device beeps every couple of seconds and then emits four beeps in quick succession to announce that your curl is complete and it’s time to release the handles. I’ve seen YouTube clips of people releasing the handles during those intermediary beeps, which is why I want to point out that the cue is a quick succession of beeps at the end.

If you try to curl sections of hair that are thicker than 3cm or you haven’t placed the strand right in the barrel, there’s a sensor that alerts you to release the strand and try again, either by eliminating any frizz or making the section smaller.

This sound signal will beep angrily right after you’ve closed the barrel and the device will refuse to swirl the hair strand in the barrel chamber. This is your cue to release the handles, take out the hair strand and try again.

If you comb your hair, smooth out any frizz and place the device a little further down from the roots, you’ll have no problem whatsoever.

Release the handles completely and smoothly free the perfect curl from inside the chamber. Leave the ringlet to cool and continue with the next strand of hair. When the whole hair is complete, allow about 5 minutes for the hair to cool down and settle into its new curly state.

Don’t use a brush to avoid straightening your hair. Simply run your fingers through your hair, breaking it into sexy, bouncy curls. You may then define the ends using a matte hair wax and apply some hairspray to set the style.

You can achieve gorgeous Up dos from this point, like a Curly Chignon at the base of your neck or a messy Top Knot for a chic look. Because the Curl Secret gives such volume to your hair, you can basically do anything from braids to half Up Dos, buns and any hairstyle that your creativity may bestow. I am truly #feeling blessed to have found this styler.

The Best Features

It’s quick and easy – Depending on hair thickness and length, it takes between 10-20 minutes to do your hair. You can cut time off the amount it takes for your other devices to heat and save more time by knowing exactly what time you should spend on each strand.

Long-lasting curls – The best part about this styler is that the curls last way more than when you use tongs, curling wands, hot rollers, straightening irons, GHD or ceramic curlers. They last all day in perfect condition and transform into loose, beach waves after a night of sleep. Amazing!!

Alternating Curl Direction – The most amazing feature is, in my opinion, the fact that it alternates the curl direction from strand to strand.

So the first curl will go one way – towards the face – and the next one will curl the opposite way – towards the exterior. This way, it gives your hairstyle loads of volume and a more natural finish.

Babyliss / Conair Curl Secret Before & After

Babyliss / Conair Curl Secret Before & After

Symmetrical Curls (automatic pressure, time and temperature) – Another great thing that I could never accomplish on my own using a traditional curling iron is getting symmetrical looking curls on both sides.

Because the way that I twisted the strand and the direction would vary quite much, my curls would turn out uneven and would also hold differently. In the same strand I would get tight and loose curls, which looked unnatural and made me regret not getting an appointment at the hair salon before a big night or an event.

Easily do the back of the headWhen you get to the back, you’ll see how this automatic curler outshines the traditional ones. Instead of twisting your arms trying to twist hair strands into perfect curls, you just have to part the back section down the middle and tilt your head so that it’s easier to reach the sections from the sides. This will work if you hair length allows it. My hair is below the shoulders with about 5cm so I had no problems with it.

Because the curls end up beautiful and symmetrical regardless where you start them from – higher up towards the roots or lower down towards the tips – you’ll see that even by simplifying your task like this, you’ll get the most gorgeous curls you’ve ever had.

The Drawbacks

Not designed for long hair – This styler is not designed for use on very long hair and should not be used on hair lengths below the bust. However, I have seen plenty of ladies using it on their long hair. The catch is that you have to start the curls from further down and this way you can basically only get loose waves. You can also use it to add dimension to your hairstyles.

Not designed for naturally curly / wavy hair – That one is not only a suggestion, I strongly recommend you try something different if you have coarse, wavy hair and don’t want to straighten your hair first, before using Babyliss Curl Secret. If you do decide to try it, use smaller sections of hair.

As I mentioned before, there is a sensor that alerts you to release the strand if you haven’t placed the strand right or you’ve taken a hair chunk too big.

The warning beep will sound if you’re too close to the roots, as of course I’ve discovered when I got a section of hair stuck inside the machine on my first try. If your freshly washed hair is fuzzy and frizzy like mine is, you might want to pay attention to the sensor and most importantly – don’t ignore it thinking it will be all right. Take the strand out immediately and try again, after combing the section.

The price – Because I have medium length, straight hair, the only drawback I could find is the price tag. At around $120 – $150, it costs more than any consumer curler on the market. But considering how much I invested so far in curling tongs ($25), wands ($25), wavers ($35), heated rollers ($45), GHD ($180) and so on, Curl Secret doesn’t seem so expensive.

Thinking about how much you’ve spent on hair gadgets over the years, don’t you think that a hair styler that could recreate everything from beach waves to lovely curls and defined ringlets would be worth it? Well, if you are like me and you are looking for a quick and easy, fool-proof way to get perfect curls every time, then you have to try the Babyliss Curl Secret. It’s definitely a game changer – I love it!

Where to buy

The Babyliss Curl Secret is available in America but under the name Conair Curl Secret by Infiniti Pro. It has exactly the same functionality and comes in the same colour as the UK edition.

You can order you very own Curl Secret by Babyliss (UK) or Conair (USA) from here.

Due to the popularity of this device, there are plenty of websites selling fake items. Babyliss only sell the Curl Secret in deep purple and the Pro Perfect Curl in black so avoid anything else and check the serial number with Babyliss or Conair.

To avoid any scams, follow the link and order your very own Curl Secret. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and I’ll be sure to answer any of your questions.


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