Tinytouchups.com is a website created by a make-up artist, who set out to offer you professional view on makeup and skin care products and shed light on the industry’s most well kept secrets.

Tiny Touchups is where you come to learn makeup techniques that accentuate your favorite features and where you achieve a professionally-applied look in no time, thanks to accessible articles and tutorials, how tos and tricks of the trade.

Luiza Burhai MUA

Luiza Burhai MUA

You’ll be able to find solutions to touch up and improve a makeup look, fix any accidents that might occur when trying out something new, you’re not yet familiar with, without developing a fear of certain looks, products of shades.

You’ll gain experience by trying out daring , bold looks – like a red lip or a perfectly applied eyeliner, a retro glamorous makeup or a perfectly blended color scheme – thus achieving the confidence every woman needs to feel beautiful on any occasion.

I’m Luiza Burhai, editor and owner of Tiny Touchups, a website I created out of the desire to answer your beauty questions and fulfill your makeup curiosities. As a European professional Make-up Artist, I specialize in beauty, fashion and film makeup, my experience becoming highly prized over the years.

Creative flair and excellent technical skills have made me indispensable to designers and magazine editors alike, who seek me for editorial work, fashion shows and my fresh, modern approach towards makeup. My work is showcased on www.luizaburhai.com

I’ve been a beauty editor for over 5 years, placing my mark on a few of the most valued websites in my country. I’m presently being commissioned to write articles for The One Magazine & Website, one of the most popular women’s magazines in the country, where I will be sharing accessible make-up know-how with the readers.

Luiza Burhai - backstage make-up

Luiza Burhai – backstage make-up

When I’m not out there on film sets or behind the scenes of photo shoots, I’ll be giving my all to Tiny Touchups, creating informative and researched materials on makeup, skin care, hairstyles and nail art.

I’m here to feed all your beauty cravings and answer to any question you might have, so I encourage you to join in our active discussions about beauty and share your views on products, trends and everything else beauty.

I’ll strive to expand my knowledge and experience through useful, unbiased articles and useful resources for all things beauty. I myself will be making Tiny Touchups every day to better provide you with recommendations that match your needs and preferences, still if you have any requests or feedback, you can contact me and I’ll try to reply as soon as possible.